Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 3:16 pm

A Cricket Match

in 1968 - 1969


Last week-end's was one of the best matches played in the Case Cup final.  It was played between Berbice High School and Berbice Educational Institute.  Critics said it was indeed an exciting match, and that the two competing teams were worthy of being in the Final Match.


The sun was shining brightly overhead, with only small patches of cloud around it, when B.E.I decided to bat.  It was a good day for cricket; the crowd grew larger and larger every minute, and so when the two opening batsmen were taking their places the crowd began cheering.

The score went up to sixty-six without the loss of any wickets. The batsmen skilfully executed shots like On-drives, Off-drives and Leg-sweeps.  The crowd became excited.  It was not until the score was ninety-four that Bissessar, who is the pace-bowler, took a magnificent catch off the bowling of Khan.

With the partnership broken, the fielding team thought that they could now wreck the B E.I's team.  How right they were!  Within five overs the score had reached one hundred and sixteen for the loss of six wickets.  The wickets went to Khan, who bowled exceedingly well; he received four for ninety, and Sukdeo, who captured two for twenty-six runs.  The Umpires, after a short conference, signalled the end of the day's play.

The next day, the crowd was even more eager to see the results and so cheering began even before starting time.  The game began, and after five overs the B.E.I's team was all out for one hundred and forty-six runs.  Harris took two for twenty and Fraser one for ten runs. It was now Berbice High School's turn to bat.

The opening hatsman went in, and with caution, proceeded to bat.  The score went up to fifty-six; then Harris fell for twenty.  The score was now fifty-six for one wicket.  The other batsman went in, and with the opener, they managed to push the score to eighty-eight for the loss of two wickets.  The opener fell for fifty-six runs.

It was from there that Berbice High School showed its skill in the game, with magnificent strokes like On-drives and Off-drives.  The score went up to one hundred and sixty five for the loss of eight wickets, and after the tailenders managed to push the score to one hundred and ninety nine, Berbice High School was all out.

The crowd was very pleased with the performance of the team, and so when Berbice Educational Institute went in to bat, with two hours more for play, they began cheering lustily.  B.E.I. was confident of victory with only fifty five runs more to win to wipe off Berbice High School.  B.E.I went for the runs and soon the score was thirty-three for five wickets.  Two were stumped, two caught, and one run out.  Seeing the position, the batsmen decided to bat slowly and draw the match.  But being tailenders they were all out for eighteen runs.  Berbice Educational lnstitute then lost the game by one inning and two runs.

It was indeed an exciting cricket match, and the Berbice High School team was worthy of being the champions.

Can Berbice High School be the champions next year? Only time can tell.

John Blair, V R