Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 2:58 pm

A Strange Journey

in 1968 - 1969


My friend and I, stood on the platform of a well-known station, as the Express whizzed by.  A few minutes later, the local train pulled in.  There were hardly any passengers aboard, and we got into an empty compartment.  As we left the station, I glanced at the clock.  Time – Midnight.


As the train pulled off my friend and I sat chattering.  I asked him how far it was to our destination and how many more stations we would have to pass to meet there.  Without hesitation, he told me that we would be getting off at the sixth station.  I looked out of the wlndow and could not see anything but blackness, and in the distance, a ribbon of light which looked like a road.

As I was thinking about this road, the train pulled in at a station.  I could not properly make out the name but it seemed to be – "God left behind."  I again glanced at the time, which was "Midnight."

Once again the whistle blew and the train left that station.  I then stole a glance at my friend – maybe it was imagination, but he looked queer.  He seemed to have grown horns. The train zoomed through a tunnel and as we emerged, everything seemed to be blacker and not even a light from a single house could be seen – the train seemed to be slowing down.  Looking out again unto the track a red glow seemed to be approaching, then disappeared suddenly – a little further on we came to the second station.  A sign-board indicated the name "Satan's Curse."  Then, my first pang of fear came. The time – Midnight.

As we continued our journey nothing else bothered me, until I looked at my friend again. His clothes seemed black and hls eyes had an odd greenish glitter.  Asking him what was the matter, he answered in an unfamiliar voice, "Do I look strange?" Becoming more afraid, I did not answer. Until we reached the next station, nothing extraordinary happened, neither did I speak to my friend.

The name of this station "Devil's Band". Time – Midnight!

My panic increased and as I looked to my friend for comfort, he wasn't there, but the seat next to me was occupied by someone I did not know and the seat opposite me was empty.  I nearly screamed.  My Imagination took to flight and I thought of all the most dreadful things, to account for my friend's disappearance from hls seat.  Smoke seeped through the windows and increased as the journey continued.  It only lessened as we entered the fourth station.  The name – "Lucifer's Right Hand."  The time – Midnight!


… passed through what seemed to bve a tunnel containing water which, fortunately, did not come through the windows, although they were opened.  The person sitting next to me, vanished and until then, my friend had not returned.  As we left the tunnel, a great heat seemed to engulf me, and we then entered the fifth station.  The name – "Satan's Workshop."  The time – Midnight!

The heat become more intense and a little further on the flames raged outside.  My frlend then returned holding a rake upside down in his hand.  On seeing him, I was too panic-stricken to scream.  We soon came to the last station.  The sign written in big bold letters read "Hell".  The time – Midnight!  I screamed!  My friend, smilingly said "Didn't you know?" I screamed again.

Someone was shaking me, I opened my eyes to find it was morning.

It was a nightmare!

 Sandra Milne – V B II