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An Ode to the Innocent Days of Youth at BHS

in Alumni Stories

I remember them well as if it were yesterday

my carefree days spent at B.H.S

during a time of youthful exhuberance

spent with boys and gyals and lots of tolerance…

In a classroom filled with chattering and eager students

perched atop the Lab that emanated suspicious odours

wondering one day if we will get to make our maker

as Dave and his band of would be  scientists emulated Einstein

whilst experimenting wid their beakers…

Our wandering eyes and boisterous babbling eased into silence

as one by one Theo, Brods and Growler entered to begin their lectures

With their sternest of faces as only teachers can muster

our daily periods began and our faces started to fluster.

With a ‘Quiet there boys at de back’ and ‘Pay attention in front gyals’ warning

we took out our text books and our lessons began fuh de whole mawning

and soon  our eager ears and wandering eyes ached for de ringing of de bell

to put an end to our miseries and our own perceived mental hell

We rushed as one down de steps and unto de play field to be first

and to trouble de gyals and pull at their hairs as dey seh dey will tell Sir

And many a budding of young love started out dis way

as boys began tuh notice  dat gyals were built a certain different way…

In sports we began to mix at the playgrounds of our youth

as Pugsley,Scrimgeour and Mc Kay houses vied for the loot.

The gyals they took turns with de bat and de ball

whilst de boys tried their skill at rounders in a match and all.

And who could forget the tournaments held at de Mental Hospital ground

where inmates intimidated  de students and de students imitated dem

and as records were broken and good ole  Pugsley House came out on tap

when wickets came tumbling down and sixes were greeted with claps…

Our time at B.H.S. the premiere learning institution in Berbice at de time

was also spent being tutored by dedicated teachers all in their prime

led by de austere and at times crafty Basil B

who kept us on our toes and busy as a bee.

He exhorted us constantly to get all ‘A’s everytime

or face his wrath with de cane wen it come exams time.

The Big Bees he towered over Berbice High in many ways

like a collossus made of stone and commanding in those days

But for many like me and most of us who stayed

We all have the Bees tuh thank fuh showing  us de way…..

Those innocent days of our youth and rememberances

have come and gone away

But den came July 26 th 2008 our global reunion day

where we met and greeted and vividly remembered those days

We gave big hugs to those we saw after soooo  many years

and remembered some  not as de same as in those glorious days

For some our girth and hair  will be celebrated with  much mirth

But our time at B.H.S. will never never outlive its worth.

We came . we saw and we partied into de nite

many of us wanted it to go on forever as it might..

But came de dawn and and as we leff and did say bye

and hope to meet again sometime God spare we  Life……


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