Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 3:18 pm

Beharry House Report

in 1968 - 1969

House Master: Mr. M. Bitgood 
Assistants: Miss C. Wright
  Mr. M. Bedford
  Mrs. T. Ekuban
House Captain (Boy): Muneshwar Singh
House Captain (Girll): Miss S. Chandersaker
House Colour: Mauve


Beharry House has done quite well in the Inter-House games so far.  We have won the junior Cricket Comperltion and in the others, though unable to reach the top, we have performed creditably.


In athletics we were unfortunate to come last this year.  However, all our athletes showed great determiniation and House Spirit – and not only these, but great sportsmanship.  Special mention must be made of the performances of miss A. Elgin (who was a champion in her age group) and W. Hamilton.


At the end of the Christmas Term, we held our Christmas Party and this was a great success, thanks to the effciency of the House Master, Assistants, Captains, and Senior Members of the House.  Indeed, our party was judged to be one of the best.  A highlight of it was the crowning of Miss L. Hookumchand as Miss Beharry House.


We have been successful in many ways and we can therefore look to the future with confidence and cautious optimism.  But I am convinced that we can do far better with greater co-operatlon from the members of this House.  As we go on, then, I expect full participation from all and not merely from some.  Remember a house is what its members make it.


Muneshwar Singh

House Captain