Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 3:17 pm

Beharry House Report

in 1972 - 1973

House Master:  A. Farley
House Assistants:  M. Shahabudeen
   C. Dharampaul
House Captain (Boys):  Puran Singh
House Captain (Girls):  Lenise Fredericks
Colour:  Orange


Last year in my report I mentioned that Beharry House has the potential and that the sooner each member realises this the better it would be for the house.  This year I am happy to be back, and very proud to present this report of a new Beharry house.  I am proud to say that the members, together with the teachers, have done a great deal in the space of a few months to sort of lift the banner of Beharry house and to make it a force to be reckoned with in Bebice High School.  It is now the ''House of the Future'' in Berbice High.


At the beginning of this year we welcomed one addition from the staff in the   person of Miss Dharampaul, while we lost Mr. Newton, who returned to his native country after serving for two years at Berbice High.  We also started this year with a new house Mistress, Miss Olivia Benjamin, who most unfortunately left us at the end of the Christmas Term to take up a new appointment at another secondary school.  It was, however, Miss Benjamin who started the change in Beharry house and in her short period as Housemistress she has done a lot for the house and to her and also Miss Harris, who also left us at the end of the Christmas term, all the members of Beharry house wish you the  best in all your endeavours.


We also welcomed an addition of some thirty students to Beharry house.  Twenty six of these came from the four first forms and the other four were from the Lower VI.


With the departure of Miss Benjamin, we were fortunate to have Mr. Farley as our new House Master and here again I think Mr. Farley has succeeded in establishing rapport with the students in a very short time and no small issue of our success through the year must be attributed to him and the other members of staff, all of whom have the interest of the House at heart.


In sports, we did fairly well this year.  In athletics, once again Beharry a house came last, but nevertheless l must say that all those that took part tried very hard for the house and they must be commended for their efforts: special mention must be made of our two athletics captains – R. Hamilton and Miss C. O'Dowd.


In football, Beharry house lost to Scrimgeour in what was undoubtedly the catch of the series.  Even though we were defeated we were by no means disgraced by the powerful Scrimgeour team.  Beharry house fought from start to finish and with this kind of attitude I think Beharry could surely win it next year.


We reached the finals in both the volley ball and net ball competitions, and in each case we were narrowly defeated.  In volley ball we made light work of Scrimgeour in the 1st round and then later we showed Cooper in a more friendly way that they have got a lot to learn in volley ball when we knocked them out in the 2nd round: but in the finals we were narrowly beaten by Mackay.  Our Captain Badrinarine needs special mention for the part he played, both as captain and as a player.


In the netball competition we reached the finals by defeating Pugsley, but again lost in the finals – narrowly this time to Cooper.  Again this year we had our annual house party for the Republic celebrations.  This year however, it was a combined party with three other houses – Cooper, Scrimgeour and Pugsley and like all the others in the past it was quite a success.


During the year also Beharry house, like the other houses, has five members in the school Safety Patrol team and the Beharry team under the leadership of Miss C. O'Dowd worked every Monday.  We also have continued our weekly house devotions with all members of the house taking an active part.


To sum up, I would say that this has been quite a successful year for Beharry house, but I am still convinced that this bouse could and would do better if a the members no-operate and participate more in house activities.

Beharry house is definitely on the move: so come on members, keep on working to make Beharry the champion house.


All the Best for the House!


Beharry The House of the Future!


Puran Singh – House Captain