Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 2:32 pm

Berbice High School Pot-Pouri

in 1972 - 1973

Berbice High is a complex, a complex indeed
Of buildings and people of many a creed
Found near to the Mental from where blows the breeze
Which cools our temper and puts us at ease
Also near the Penitentiary where the oversmart go
So perhaps its not terrible to be somewhat slow
So listen a moment and you will hear
Some of the mad things which happen there.


Our teachers, there're many, tall, short, fat and thin
Smiling and pleasant or frowning and grim
With Degrees and Diplomas there're a qualified lot
But to look at them fleetingly you'd never guess that.
The men might wear slippers or shirts without ties
While the ladies are dressed from their toes to their eyes
There are some who might feel eating in class is a sin
While others allow us to indulge every whim.


Among them there's Rambi who says “What's an organ?”
Says Flora – sotto voce – a thing you play on.
Then Rambi replies, “Child you make me quiver
An organ's a structure such as the liver''
At inter-house football said Fergo the clever
“Pugsley for ever, we shall fail never”
But later they lost to Mackay, the best
Mon Dieu! Oh la la; what a wonderful jest


Our inter-house sports meet was quite a fun fair
We yelled and we shouted and laughed without care
The 200-metres, girls l 7+ race
Was run quite successfully – but oh, what a pace!
Pearly of Scrimgeour was in that team
Came third out of three – wasn't that a scream?
Think of Father who started with twenty yards grace
And manage to end without making a space.


The forms are as varied as can be
Some quiet and simple, others rough and noisy
5R is the centre of madness and pride
Where genius and ignorance dwell side by side
Prefect Richard with so many graces and airs
Doesn't know what type of shirt-jac he should wear
But Mikey, the Cheetah, after winning the mile
Put the form right up high at the top of the pile


What of Nancy's who's hurrying from the Lab to her class
Where old Adin is seated, his face as bare as brass
Mena and Dira who are going for a stroll
Stop to ask Nancy, “What's next on your roll?”
Suddenly there arose from the class such a bellow,
“Move on, stop loitering like a lazy fellow”
Those three crack-brained idiots who’re trembling with fear
Run to their places as fast as they dare.


Carpe Diem's our motto – per motto so bold
“Grasp what each day offers,” take all in your bold
With look and with learning we develop a pace
Sinews and muscles strengthened for life's race
Hands skilled in labour – honest be our goal
Mind, body and spirit, healthy and well-filled
A progressive, united Guyana to build.