Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 3:47 pm


in 1966 - Golden Jubilee

Congratulations to the following:


  • Mr. S. S. Ramphal on his appointment as Minister of State and Attorny General of Guyana
  • Mr. A. P. Alleyne, Speaker of the National Assembly.
  • Mr. G. Kennard – General Manager of the Guyana Development Coporation
  • Mr. W. Stuart-Young, President of the Berbice Chamber of Commerc.
  • Mr. D. A. Dow on being honourod with the Member of the British Empire
  • Mr. M. Poonai who has been elected a member of the National Assembly
  • Mr. C. J. E. Fung-A-Fat, on his appointment as Acting Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court
  • Mr. D. Jhappan on his appointment as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Guyana
  • Mr. Winston Haynes on his appointment as an Accountant with the Guyana Electric Corporation
  • Mr. Norman Semple on his appointment as Labour Officer
  • Mr. Willet Floris on his appointment as District Commissioner (Actg.)
  • Mr. Leslie Johnson, Administrative Assistant at the Financial Secretariat
  • Mr. Haroon Samad on his appointment as Deputy-Principal, Corentyne High School
  • Rev. Neville Lalljee being made a Canon of the Anglican Church in Guyana
  • Mr. Neville Bissember on being made Minister of Information


Congratulations to the following who are engaged:


  • Greta Beharry to David Turley (V.S.O.)
  • Chandrawattie Mangru to Cecil Kennard
  • Joan Lachman to Cyril Dabydin
  • Noreen Khan to Neil Dow
  • Joan Jones to William Choo-son