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in 1968 - 1969

Mr. Ernest A. Dow, an old boy of Berbice High School, has gained the Doctor of Laws Degree, from the School of Law, New York.

Miss Jocelyn Dow and Muneshwar Singh, pupils of the Upper and Lower Sixth were chosen by the Berbice Lions Club to participate in Students Exchange Programme recently.  Miss Dow spent two weeks in Grenada while M. Singh visited Barbados.


Wedding Bells:

  • Miss B. La Bennett exchanged marriage vows with Mr. Gregory Headly

  • Miss D. Persaud, a former member of Staff, became Mrs. Kissoon on Easter Sunday.


  • Miss Jean Bedessie, our past Secretary, became engaged to Mr. Paul Blunt who served as a V.S.O. at Berbice High School.

New Arrivals:

  • The stork arrived with a bouncing baby boy for Mrs. P. Sandiford on Thursday 24th April.

  • To Mrs. B. Headly, a baby boy on Independence Day – May 26th 1969.

News Item:

  • Dr. Vivian Todd – Curriculum Specialist from USA, and Miss C. Francis – Deputy Chief Education Officer (Acting) visited us on Friday 11th July. They had very interesting and informative chats with members of the Staff and the Sixth Forms.