Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 3:35 pm

Cooper House Report

in 1968 - 1969

House Master: Dharmindra Singh 
House Mistress: Elaine Zinkhan
Captain (Boy): Navin Chandarpal
Captain (Girl): Patricia Balmacund
Athletics Capt. (Boy): Gordon Alert
Athletics Capt. (Girl): Pansy Erskine
Cricket Captain: Neville Madray
Rounders Captain: Miss C. McDonald
Volley Ball Capt.: Charles Chee
House Colour: Pink


During the year 1968 – 1969, Cooper has coatinued to "life its banner pink, while all the other houses sink."


The past year, though not a year of outstanding success, has been one of marked improvement for Cooper House.  The performances of our members in all fields of endeavour have been of a very high standard, and should we continue at this rate, in the not-too distant future the name of Cooper will ring throughout the school.


The year opened with the Inter-House Athletics Competition.  Though we did not win, our members put in a splendid team performance that had our opponents considerably scared.  For the third year running, we came third behind Scrimgeour and Mackay.  Though we did not improve our position, we improved greatly on our performance.  Last year, Mackay and Scrimgeour were way on the top of the table, while we fought with Beharry and Pugsley for third position.  This year we left our friends at the bottom and struggled desperately with Mackey and Scrimgeour for top honours.  We barely failed to pull it of, but come next year and no force on earth will deny us victory.


We wish to thank all our members for this fine performance.  Special praise must, of course, go out to Gordon Alert, who won the School's Champion Boy Award for the second consecutive year.  At the same time, he copped the trophy donated by Mrs. Cooper for the best performance by a member of our house.


Once more we attested our supremacy in the mile race so that it is now popularly called the 'Cooper Mile'.  But the brightest feature of the Sports was the conspicuous attire of our House Masters and Mistresses.  They were aIl garbed with pink – pink shirts for the males and pink dresses (not minis, though) for the females.


In the field of cricket our seniors were beaten but certainly not disgraced by the powerful Mackay side.  Our boys tried their best, but just could not make the grade.  The juniors fared better by winning their first match, but were knocked out in the semi-finals.  Both seniors and juniors played better this year, as seen from the fact that we have at last gained places on the school side.  Our delightful and hard-hitting opening batsman, Neville Madray has established himself with some fine knocks, while T. Nero and S. Outar have made brief appearances for the school.


Unfortunately, the other competitions have not yet been played off, so no report can be made.  However, we eagerly look forward to retaining the Volley Ball championship which we won last year.


Our jubilation over our fine performances has however. been tempered by the losses we suffered in the persons of Miss D. Persaud and Mr. G. Pahalan.  We sincerely wish to thank them for the services redered during their stay us, and It is our heart-felt desire that success may follow them wherever they are.


To end this report without mentioning our annual House Party would be a grevious sin of omission.  We have once again lived up to our reputation of having the best house party for the year.  Many might still be belching out the delicious eatables we enjoyed – though apples and grapes, for no reason of our own, were absent from the list.  We all indulged in some fine games, but the highlight of our entertainment was the delightful Christmas play "Happy Birthday" presented by the Cooper House Drama Group, comprising of Navin Chandarpal, Terrence Nero, Margaret Harris, Bibi Jameer, Audrey Madray and Vijaya Chandarpal.


Everyone present had a most enjoyable time – a fitting climax to enjoyable year.


"Let the pink banner stay up high
For one day Cooper will touch the sky."


Navin Chanderpaul

House Captain