Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 2:09 pm

Cooper House Report

in 1972 - 1973

House Master: Mr. E. Sleeper
Asst. House Master: Mr. L. Chaterpaul
  Mr. D. S. Lalji
Asst. House Mistress: Miss E. Hamilton
House Captains: V. Kendall
  M. O. Inshanally
Athletic Captains: R. Smith
  C. Menezes
Colour: Pink


With the relevant and highly respected motto “we do our best” Cooper House had had a fairly successful year in all the school's events under able and inspiring leaders.


The points which the house has obtained will not reveal the spirit of Cooperites. We finished third with 147 points, but just 8 points away from the winner in athletics.  The most outstanding athletes of the House and also of their age groups are: H. Wilson and R. Smith.


In football the House displayed such spirits and talent for the future but lost to Pugsley 0 – 2.  We lost because the star players Chee and Menezes arrived late, but the team was led into the field full of confidence. We lost but next time we will win because we will do our best which will eventually win.


In Netball the team under the captaincy of Miss V. Kendall convincingly defeated Mackay 26 – 5.  In the following match Scrimgeour won 16 – 0.  Debating has always been a popular and successful event for Cooperites after winning the team from Scrimgeour and defeated by Pugsley.  The team was M. O. Inshanally, L. Thom and R. Menezes. We did our best.


The Mashramani Party with three other Houses was 'bang on' and the participants really ‘lived it up’.  The games and the party were exciting and thrilling, and everyone took part and enjoyed themselves especially with the ‘pinata.’


Cooperites are not only involved in parties and games like football and cricket.  The captain of the house is the Head Boy and President of the Students Council, C. Menezes is the Treasurer of the Students Council, Miss J. Heyliger is the President of the Modern Languages Club, Treasurer of the Music Club and member of the Magazine, M. Assim is the President of the History Society, member of the Magazine Committee and Propaganda Manager of the Chess Club.  We also have five members in the School's Patrol.  Recently a group of students led by M. Assim and J. Heyliger (both of Cooper House) paid a visit to the Good Samaritan Home. This shows the Community mindedness of the Cooperites.


Those are just a few of the many things Cooper House is doing for the school and the Community.  Next year we predict better results for the House and we will always do our best.  Long Live Cooper House.


M. Assim