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Cricket Activities

in 1968 - 1969

Cricket Activities of the school year beginning in 1968 and continuing into 1969.


The year began with the House Competition being run off.  Mackay House emerged winners after narrowly beating Pugsley House in the final.

The School Competition began in the Christmas Term and continued into the Easter Term.  In the first match Berbice High School edged out Berbice Educational Institute to start off the season in fine style.  The pattern soon changed for the better, for Smythstown Secondary and National High were both overwhelmed, suffering innings defeats.  Berbice High School thus emerged winners of Zone 1.  A combined side containing six members from Berbice High School went to Skeldon to play Zone 3.  After winning the first innings, we were defeated in the second, thereby losing the match.

It can therefore be seen that Berbice High School had a successful school year on the cricket field.


Back Row: M. Ramdass, R. Arjune, N. Madray, J. Blair, Mr. Hoyle (Coach), S. Thomas, R. Persaud, S. Johnson
Front Row: I. Poonai, H. Prashad, L. Rohoman (Captain), E. Bhagwandin, J. Harris

Pen Portraits

R. Arjune An opening bowler who can move the ball into the batsman very well. His main weakness is that he does not make the batsman play enough early in his innings. His batting leaves much to be desired. A slow fieldsman.
J. Blair A promising young opening batsman. with a very sound defence. A fair fielder but a poor catcher of the ball. Too impulsive.
E. Bhagwandin An energetic and at times brilliant all rounder. Bowls a clever off break and possesses some thrilling scoring strokes. A good fielder with a safe pair of hands. A Guyana Youth Team trialist.
C. Beharry A very good left arm spinner who can bowl on an immaculate length all day long. A batsman who does collect runs, but tends to hit accross the flight of the ball too often. A fair fielder.
S. Johnson He finally decided to take cricket seriously and has had a successful year. Moves the ball both ways and throws in the odd banner for good measure. Very slow fielder, but a safe catch.
N. Madray A hard hitting opening batsman who can at times be brilliant. He invariably gets out too early in his innings, due to impatience when pinned down. A good field with a safe catch.
R. Persaud A hard hitting, bespectacled right hand batsman who has the potential of becoming a fine cricketer. Tends to hit across the flight a bit, though. A very fair field and an excellent catch.
M. Ramdas An all rounder whose mouth has done more than his bat this year. Hits the ball very hard but is too impatience. A temperamental wicket-keeper who can be brilliant at times especially in his stumping. Has the wrong attitude to authority.
L. Rohoman A good all rounder captain who has had some fine innings this season. Hits the ball hard. Bowls very clever in-swingers. An excellent fielder and catcher of the ball.
S. Thomas An ideally built fast bowler, who gets very little movement from the ball. Gets the odd wicket. A sound lower order batsman. His fielding needs improving. Has a very powerful arm.
H. Prashad A batsman whose shortness makes him very suspectable to spin. A beautiful striker of the ball otherwise. A safe fielder.