Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 2:15 pm

Dramatic Society Report

in 1968 - 1969


The Berbice High School Dramatic Society, in its second year of rebirth, met with unparalled success.


In conjunction with Mr. Moses Telford's Festival of Corals held in December, fifth form students put on an amusing Guyanese play entitled "It's Brickdam".  Chref members of the cast included Michael Henry, Jacqueline Merchant, Dawn Jacobs, Elizabeth Khan, Ananda Gajraj, James Gajadar, Edgar Anderson, Eze Leitch. Pansy Erskine and others.  Prizes for best acting were awarded to Miss Merchant and Miss Jacobs.

But the greatest praise must be bestowed upon the fourth forms of Berbice High School for their public production, in June, of Sheakespeare's Macbeth – which was the first time in the history of this school that the Dramatic Society staged a public performance!

Chief in the cast were Daniel DaCosta as Macbeth, Emerita Mohabir as Lady Macbeth, Ian Leach as Macduff, Anthony Burnett as Duncan, Gordon Alphonso as Malcolm, Denholm Kendall as Banquo, Royston Anderson as Ross, Margarette Harris as Hecate, Gail Kyte, Yvonne Blair, and June Ann Thompson as the Three Witches, Romaine Annamanthadoo and Pauline Khan as Prologues, Clarissa Mohabir as a Lady, and many others. Invaluable assistance was also given by the students of the lower sixth.

Finally, several of the dramatic students of Berbice High School also acted in the Berbice Arts Theatre play "A Visitor from Outer Space' staged July 9.

A very successful year indeed!

E. Zinkhan
D. Roberts
S. Greaves