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in 1972 - 1973

The year 1972-73 has been a very eventful one, it marked the sad departure of our former Headmaster – Mr. Basil Armstrong, but left us pleased with the fact that our own former Deputy, Mr. Buchan, succeeded as new Headmaster.  We also welcomed the new arrangement of Miss Thomas as Deputy and Mr. Lalji and Mrs. Headly as Senior Master and Senior Mistress respectively.

School Sports came of successfully, with Pugsley House emerging as Champion House, and Mackay and Cooper Houses following close at their heels.


During this school year we received many visitors including the Chancellor of the Judiciary, the Honourable E. V. Luckhoo. The school also made many visits.  Sixth formers made a successful trip to the Rupununi; a return visit was paid to Surinam; and various others were made to University of Guyana, Telecoms and other interesting places in Georgetown.


Special mention must be made about the rapid improvement in the campus – namely the new Laboratory and the School Library.


The Laboratory is now very near to completion, while the new library was completely fitted for use.  Help came in the form of two fans donated by the Chamber of Commerce, while new books were donated by the British Council.  The boys of he Lower Sizth (especially) voluntarily painted the walls and arranged the books.


The fair came of as successfully as before, parents and students again co-operated in making it the success it was.

Although G. C. E results were not as good as those before, staff and students are doing their best to better this year's results.


Other important events to take place during this school year are the I reinvigoration of the students' Council, formation of a Guidance and Counselling Team from the staff and the establishment of a Hindu Society.


We, the editors of this new magazine have 'done our best to provide you with all the news and the events of this school year. We aimed at a bigger and modern magazine. Hoping you find in it much reading pleasure.


Yours faithfully,


J. Heyliger

M. Assim

A. Bhagwandin

S. James