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Examination Results

in 1966 - Golden Jubilee


F – French C – Chemistry
L – Latin B – Biology
E – English Language A – Art
E. Lit. – English Literature H – History
M – Elementary Mathematics Br. C – Bristish Constitution
G – Geography S – Spanish
Scr. – Scripture ( ) Number of subjects already passed
P – Physics [ ] Number of subjects this time


VA: Girls

Annief, B. S. (2) B, C, E, L, M
Autin, F. (4) E, S
Baksh, K. (3) B, C, E, L, M
Behari, S. (3) B, C, E
Cameron, H.   B, C, E, M, P
Choo-Son, D. (4) B, C, E, M
Craigwell, J. (4) B, C, E, L, M
Crandon, M. (3) B, C, E, M, P
Gajraj, I. (4) B, C, M, P
Khatoon, S. (4) B, C
Lachman, E. (3) B, C, E, L
Latchana, Y. (4) B, C, E
Mooksang, S. (5) B, C, E, M, P
Noel, P. (3) B, C, E, L
Ramlall, A.   C, E, M, P


VA: Boys

Bahadur, R. (2) B, C, E, H
Beharry, S. (3) B, C, E, M, P
Bishop, R. (4) B, C, E, M, P
Hookumchand, R. (3) B, C, H
Lowe, R. (4) B, C, E, M, P
Rohoman, S. (3) B, C, E, M, P
Walrond, G. (4) B, C, E, L, M, P
Singh, D. (5) B, C, L, P


VA II Girls

Benons. C.   Scr.
Khan, K. (3) E, L, H, M, A
Kanhai, S. (1) E, G
Martin, F.   E. Lit., Scr
Mursaline, Z.   M
Sookram, C.   E, H, G
Thomas, A.   B, E, L, H
Tiwari, A. (2) E, H
Taylor, B.   Scr.


VA II Boys

Mathura, T.   B, H, M, Scr.
Persaud, K.   M, Scr.
Poonai, A.   L, Scr.
Roopansingh. L.   M, Scr.
Somersell, G.   B, E, E. Lit., H, Scr.
Tullah, N.   B, E, M, Scr.
Jadoo, L.   H, Scr., Br. C
Sookraj, N.   B, H, G, Scr., Br. C


V Girls

Anniei, B. F.   B, Scr.
Bacchus, S.   Scr.
Khan, K.   E, E. Lit., H
Tello, B.   E, E. Lit., H, Scr.


V Boys

Bahadur, A.   B, G, Scr.
Beharry, L.   B, E. Lit., H. G. Scr.
Harnanan, M.   B, H, G, Scr., Br. C
Rollins, M.   E. Lit., H, Scr.
Seecoomar, M.   G, Br. C
Sinclair, C.   H, Scr.