Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 3:59 pm

Football Report

in 1968 - 1969


Congratulations to the senior football team who were successfull in winning the Dr. Ramdeholl Trophy by defeating the Berbice Educational Institute and Victoria High School teams.  For a team which has not been practising regularly they performed very well together.  Captain Sandford played a captain's post in both games.  Goal-keeper Poonai also did well in the second game against Victoria, as did Humphrey our centre forward.  Special mention also to the full backs Fraser and Johnson.


The team is as follows: J. Poonai (Goal-keeper), C. Fraser, B. Batson, R. Mc Laren, J. Blair (Full Backs), S. Johnson, A. Sandford (Captain) Link, (Centre Field), M. Hart, L Humphrey, M. Cadore A. Fsaser.

J. Poonai
Athletic Captain