Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 3:44 pm


in 1966 - Golden Jubilee

A lot has happened to Berbice High School in fifty years. In 1916, at few Canadian misisonary teachers gathered a small band of students in a modest building and bravely called it Berbice High School. These teachers had a vision and a purpose. The vision was a top rate educational institute for the young people of Berbice, and the purpose was to educate young people for life as well as for academic excellence.


Now see what has happened fifty years later! Instead of a few missionary teachers there is a large Guyanese staff. The small band of students has been replaced by hundreds of young people representing all the races in the Berbice area.  The modest building has given way to modern schoolrooms, fine equipment, an up-to-date laboratory and all the teaching aids necessary for a sound education.


Those fifty years represent a triumph for the founders and teachers, the well—wishers and students who wrote the history of the school.  We know the names which leap into our minds as we review the Old Boys and Girls who have passed through here during the past half century. Names which represent the best in Guyana’s life and culture; people who have carved the shape of this society, some of whom still live to pay tribute to the basic moulding of character and mind their old school gave them.


Yes, the past fifty years have been glorious. But need the next fifty be less than that? Not at all! As Berbice High School enters its second half century the prospects are unlimited. Government has promised that B.H.S. will receive its aid to become the "Queens" of Berbice. The future will surely see an expansion of facilities in terms of buildings and equipment. And added to this we are living in the most exciting age of history, in the midst of amazing social, scientific and technological development. It can be a great second half century for B.H.S.


We of the Presbyterian Church in Canada who represent the founders of this school rejoice in the past fifty years of your history.  We are thankful to God for what He allowed us to do, and for all that He did through the multitude of Guyanese who helped to make this school in the past. The founders knew that God’s Will is that men and women should be whole in mind, body and spirit. B.H.S kept this before it as one of its cardinal tenets in the past and it has been a blessing to all the people of Guyana. Education is so much more than academic knowledge and ability to pass G.C.E. It is the ability to think and act and give of oneself in a way which benefits others, it is being the right kind of person as well as knowing the right kind of things. May B.H.S. continue to educate young people in this tradition.


Finally, the students as well as the teachers make the school. This institution is known by its students who really made the school famous at home and abroad. Excellent teachers are ineffectual unless their students live out what they are taught. And so the making of the school’s history in its second fifty years belongs to all students who read this today, and to all the others who will follow them. How interesting it would be to read the centenary issue of the school magazine. I think it will be a great issue. I hope and pray that you will make it your duty to see that it is. May God richly bless B.H.S in the future as He has in the past.


Rev. David Murphy
Chairman, Canadian Mission Council in Guyana