Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 3:32 pm

Hockey Report

in 1968 - 1969

Hockey, a world-wide game, is now being promoted in the Berbice High School Games programme.  Junior and Senior girls each had one afternoon a week to learn the game.


At the first meeting the girls elected Miss P. Alphonso as captain and Miss B. Welch as vice-captain.  The beginners were introduced to the basic rules and skills of the game before actual competition was undergone.  After a few practices a team was shown representing both the Senior and Junior girls.

Games were played against the Berbice Rangers.  Before the first match Mr. Dereck Whitehead, Secretary of the National Sports Council, gave a talk on "Playing the Different Positions."  Extra practices were held on Saturdays and other holidays.  The B.H.S. girls showed great promise by tying two matches and losing a third to the more experienced Rangers.  During the Easter Term the team earned a tie against some girls from Bishops High School in a friendly match.

The girls are very enthusiastic about hockey and hope that next year there will be more opportunities to learn the techniques of this fast exciting game.