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Inter House Sports

in 1966 - Golden Jubilee

Mackay House, beating back a strong challenge from Scrimgeor House, won the Inter House Athletic competition of Berbice High School held at the Mental Hospital grounds on Novenber 9 and 10.  Amassing 121 points, to 101 for Scrimgeor, MacKay received the championship trophy.  The other three houses, far back in points, fought a stiff competition for third place.  Cooper house won that honour with 59 points, followed by Beharry house with 57 points, and Pugsley house with 56 points.  The issue of third place was in doubt until the final race, the mile.  With a dramatic one-two finish in that event Cooper House moved from last to third in the keen competition.


Outstanding individual performances by athletes added to the encitement of the sports day.  In the girls under 13 group A. Elgin of Beharry house was the champion athlete.  Beside winning the high jump and the 50 yard sprint she ran on the victorious Beharry house 440 relay team.

B. Blair of Pugsley House was the champion athlete for boys under 13.  He won the long jump and placed second in the 100 yards sprint.  However, his efforts were not enough to move Pugsley into third place.  Speedster R. Sinclair was the champion athlete in the girls 13 – 15 group.  She gained impressive victories in the 100 in the time of 12.7, and in the 150, timed in 19.4.  In addition she ran the anchor leg for her victorious Mackay house 440 relay team.

One of the athletes greatly responsible for Scrimgeor's challenge to the crown was S. Thorne, champion of the boys 13 – 15 group.  Besides winning the 100 yard sprint he also took honours in a long jump with a mark of 15.2.  Another big point scorer for Scrimgeor was B. Welch, 15 – 17 girls champion.  Blazing to victory in the 100 yards in a time of 12.3 she came back later to easily defeat all comers in the 220 yard sprint.  However, her relay team finished second to Mackay House despite swift anchor leg.

Relatively feet girls over 17 competed in the sports.  Most preferred to sit on the sidelines and watch, dressed in their "Sunday best."  Of those participating R.Khan of Beharry House, and L. Alphonso of MacKay house tied for the individual championship.  Miss Khan won the 100 yard sprint and placed second in the long
jump, and also ran on the winning relay team.  Miss Alphonso won the long jump, and placed second in the 220 yard sprint.

The boys champion in the 15 – 17 group also produced a tie.  S. Smith of Scrimgeor and D. Ramotar of Cooper, each with two first places, were responsible for the draw.  Smith sutprised most spectators when he won the 100 yard sprint from L. Edmundson of Cooper House in the excellent time of 11.1.  To show that it was no accident, he came back to win the 220 in 29 seconds and to anchor his 440 relay team to viotory. Ramotar pulled something of a surprise with his victory in the high jump at 4 feet ll.  His other win was in the long jump where he beat C. Williams of Pugsley House by less than an inch.  The big point-getter for victorious Mackay House were P. Joseph and B. Bissesar, co-champions of the boys over 17.  Joseph registered a speedy ll.l to win the 100 yard sprint and cleared 4-ll to win the high jump.  Bissesar leaped l7-7 in the long jump for a first, and also won the 220 yard sprint with a time of 29.2.

Besides the marks posted by champion athletes there were many outstanding results achieved by Berbice High students.  M. Ward of Scrimgeor, jumping in the 13 – 15 goup, cleared 4 feet ll, as high as the older boys.  In the boys 13 – 15 660 yard run, F. Atow of Cooper finished strong for a decisive victory.  Perhaps the most exciting race of the day was the boys over 17 880 yard run where R. Rollins of Pugsley House just breasted the tape inches ahead of E. Rampersaud of Beharry.

After the competition the top two athlete; in each event were picked to compete in the inter-high school athletics on November 18.  Following is a summary of the results: