Thursday, March 30, 2023 - 12:31 am

Inter School Christian Fellowship Society

in 1968 - 1969


It is a privilege to write about the work this group has done for the year.


The I.S.C.F. began before the Christmas Term by electing A. Sukraj as leader of the group. Former leader John Ramdeholl left Guyana to further his studies.  He was indeed a great help to our group.  During that same term our group as well as those of the Berbice Educational Institute and Smythstown Secondary Groups were revived by the visit of Neville Cowan a staff member stationed in Trinidad and the I.S.C.F. Representative throughout the Caribbean.

The three I.S.C.F. Groups got together and had a wonderful time at a workshop directed by Mr. Cowan.  Among the topics discussed were the purposes for these meetings and how they could be improved.

Dr. Sewnauth donated a cup to the I.S.C.F. in New Amsterdam. A Bible Quiz was held at the B.E.I. to decide which group should hold the Cup for this year.  The B.H.S. Group had convincingly defeated the others.

With the help of Rev. P. Burkhart we have had some interesting film-shows from the Moody Institute of Science.

Recently the three groups met and listened to a very interesting and inspiring talk given by Mr. Adams who is the Founder and Director of the Christian Literature Crusade International.

On May 1 we held a seminar at the residence of Miss Dawn Williams at Blairmont Estate.  About fifty-five members were present as well as some workers from Georgetown.   Mr. John Buchanan from Georgetown directed the Seminar.

All enjoyed the swimming and other recreational facilities and we were indeed blessed by this Seminar.

God has helped and guided us, and we hope that we will be able to contribute a small portion to His cause.


A. Sukraj