Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 2:54 pm

Inter-Schools Christian Fellowship

in 1966 - Golden Jubilee


The I.S.C.F group takes pride in giving this report of its progress during the last year.  The group was revived during the early part of 1965 with the visit of staff workers Messrs R. T. Bell and N. Cowan from Jamaica.  The committee, which has now been increased to sixteen, comprises Mr. H. C. Buchan, sponsor, and Messrs P. Blunt and M. Rambali.


Student leaders are Mas. R.Ramdeholl, president; Mas. A. Rambali, vice-president; Mrs. R. Sunthgoolam secretary; Miss B. Kendall, treasurer and Miss L. Glasgow, librarian.  Besides these there are other "livewires" such as, Miss G. Leach and L. Beharry (V A II), M. Joseph (V), Miss M. Sanford and M. Henry (V B II), A. Sanford (V) and J. Munroe (IV B).

A typical programme of activities for each term consists of at least two addresses by Ministers of Religion, Bible study, discussions and debates, bible quiz, presentation of short papers and one sack-lunch on a mid-day.  Our society is also proud of having served as the focal point from which I.S.C.F. groups have been successfully launched at V.H.S. and B.E.I., the two other secondary schools in our community.

So far our group had the privilege of being visited three times by Staff worker Mr. N. Cowan, now stationed in Trinidad.  Mr. Cowan who gave us much encouragement on his second visit, by the request of our sponsor Mr. H. Buchan and through the auspices of the Gideons, five hundred New Testaments were distributed to the students.

Our library was started as a result of the donation of a number of books by Mr. Cowan and Mr. Buchanan, President of the Goorgetown Committee.   Mr. Cowan was treated to a social by the three groups of I.S.C.F'ers at a joint meeting held in the upper flat of the Science building.  The members of the Berbice Committee including Rev. Soloman, president, and Miss Benons, secretary, were also present.

Our hope and prospects for further increase are great.  Our influence is steadily spreading and God has blessed us greatly.  We look to the future in confident anticipation of greater and higher achievements for our Lord.

Ronaid Ramdeholl,