Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 3:00 pm

Interview With Headmaster

in 1972 - 1973


Student: Sir, how you do feel after being Headmaster for one year?

I have a feeling of some satisfaction, since I have the full backing of the staff, the co-operation of the student body, parents and old students.  Had I the full compliment of the staff, I would have been happier, but despite the stay shortage, the year has been fairly good.  I was able to carry out a programme of extra-mural activities which can be seen in the successful trip by students to Surinam, and the Interior visit by Sixth Form Biology and Geography students.


Student: Would you say that one of your personal aims was fulfilled on becoming Headmaster?

Certainly!  I was given a great honour by being named Headmaster of Berbice High School, and I can safely say my ambition was achieved.  It started when I as Junior Teacher with London Matriculation, I joined the staff on (28th April, 1951).  This experience as a teacher has helped me a great deal, and I derived a great deal of satisfaction from tbe Deputyship under Mr. Beharry and Mr. Armstrong respectively for approximately eight years.


Student: Do you feel that B. H. S students live up to your expectations?

Most do, but some could do more. Some students allow themselves to be satisfied with just mediocre standards. They should strive to do their utmost: They need to cultivate a more competitive spirit.


Student: Has your plan for the year been fulfilled?

It has been fulfilled for more than 70%.  As we still have one more month before the term closes, more can be done, and I can safely foresee at least 90% with the new implementation of a Guidance and Counselling Team.


Student: Is the staff with you in all your plans?

I have the full backing of the staff.,without which things would not have been to my satisfaction.


Student: Do you think that B. H. S. could eventually become the No.1 school in Guyana?

To become No. 1 we need more scholarship type of students. We are already comparable to Queens' College and Bishop's High School, so we can be considered among the best.  We, however, hope to maintain this position.  To be the No. 1 school in the country, we must be sure we do not have the problem of big staff turn over as we experience annually.  We must ensure proper staffing stability.  Prior to this year we had V.S.O's and C.U.S.O's from overseas.  Now, we need locally dedicated graduates.


Student: Sir, are there any arrangements made to meet this problem of staging?

We are at the mercy of the Public Service Commission.  The Ministry of Education and we make the necessary recommendations, and the Public Service Commission will supply us with staff.  Ours is the only High School in Berbice serviced by the P. S. C.


Student:  Sir, could you tell us some of your plans for the future?

The plans will fit in with our objectives – to produce students who are exposed to a wide variety of subjects, who are satisfied with nothing but the best.  We aim also to gear students with a comprehensive education to shape the personality, and to give what is necessary for them to keep up with the cultural, agricultural and industrial changes, and to realize fully the motto of the Cooperative Republic.


Student:  Would you say you are completely happy with the things are heading to realize this goal?

So far, I am heartened by the co-operation received from the Ministry and all around, but one can never be completely happy, as so much more can be done to ensure the paramount welfare of the students who are to service the county as well as the country.


Student:  Sir, how long do you intend to remain at Berbice High school?

As long as I remain in the field of education, I would give preference to this school, seeing that I have the satisfaction of serving the county of Berbice and not only a small community.


Student:  Do you predict anything great for the future of B. H. S?

I do predict that we would produce our first Guyana Scholar, build a New Auditorium and complete the rehabilitation and transformation of the campus architecturally and solidly with modern buildings and better accommodation


Student:  Finally, Sir, does the Administration have any plans to improve involvement in extra-curricular activities?
Headmaster: We would like more student involvement in clubs and societies.  Students should be more motivated and more can be done by way of leadership and training.  This is indeed an area for improvement, and the upper school should take the initiative. The machinery is set and it is an unwritten law that each student should be involved in one game and society of his choice every week.  This will ensure cultural and physical improvement.  The problem lies in the fact that so many students live so far away from school.  The remedy can be more attractive programmes, and this is fertile ground for leadership training for the students.


M. Assim & J. Heyliger