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Mackay House Report

in 1966 - Golden Jubilee

The following are the activities in which Mackay House participated during the year 1965-1966.


Cricket: The House maintained its superiority in this game, remaining unbeaten in both the junior and senior sections of the competition.  Mackay House has held an unbroken hold on the Inter-House Cup from the inception of the competition in 1956. The outstanding senior players were B. Bisessar (captain), C. Richards (vice-captain), and G. Kalideen. In the junior section E. Bhagwandin, G. Singh, and C. Beharry distinguished themselves. All these players performed creditably while representing the school in the Senior and Junior Adams Cup series, and made important contributions in helping the school win both cups.

Rounders: Mackay House performed well in the competition for the Rounders Shield being led by a narrow margin by Pugsley House for top honours.

Table Tennis: Competition was very keen among the houses, but once again Mackay House had to be content with second place, top honours going to Scrimgtour House.

Athletics: In sports in which keen finishes were a feature this house was only able to place third after showing early promise.  Athletics played a major part of the activities of the Christmas Term 1966, in fact it was the only outdoor activity which took place at inter—house level. The performance of Mackay House at sports exceeded the expectations of its most ardent supporters, especially when it was taken into consideration that the house lost some of its able athletes in the reshuttlte to accommodate the two new houses.  At the end of the two day sports meeting Mackay house emerged champions with 101 points, its nearest rival, Scrimgeour, trailed 20 points behind.

No fewer than four of the champion athletes came from Mackay House. They were: Ruth Sinclair, girls 13-15; Lynette Alphonso, girls over 17; Patrick Joseph and Brijgopaul Bisessar, boys over 17.  These were indeed achievements to be proud of, and it is to be hoped that they will serve as inspirations to much greater achievements on the part of Mackay llouse members.


F. Maloney,