Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 3:19 pm

Mackay House Report

in 1972 - 1973

House Master: Mr. E. Rambarran
Asst. Masters: Mr. G. Singh
  Mr. N. Azeez
  Mr. R. Best
Asst. Mistress: Miss B. Gibson
House Captains: F. J. Neblett
  R. Solomon
Games Captains: C. Darnley
  G. Dhaness
Netball Captain: C. Darnley
Football Captain: M. Alphonso
Volleyball Captain: M. Alphonso


The wheel of fortune spins and as it turns it brings us joy followed by sorrow, success followed by failure.  We started that near on a sad note for we lost our House Master, Mr. D. V. Barran.  Special tribute must be paid to this stalwart for the way in which he inspired all members to do their best.  However, he was replaced by Mr. E. Rambarran – a man with as much zeal, enthusiasm and ability.  During the Easter Term, we also welcomed a new master to the house, Mr. R. Best, who pledged his support in every field of endeavour.


All in all, this was indeed a good year for Mackay House, although we had our ups and downs.  We began by placing second in the Annual Inter-House Athletic Sports and we followed this spate of success by placing first in both the football and volleyball competitions.  Special praise must go to all of our team and athletes, especially G. Dhanness, M. Sukhraj, C. Darnley, R. Alphonse, M. Alphonso and D. Houston, who were instrumental in our success.  In the debating and netball competitions we were not successful, but our teams must be commended for the great amount of team spirit and well-mannered behavior displayed even when they were faced with defeat.  As our Debating team rightly proposed and enacted in their debate, “It is more important to be well-mannered than to be champion of the world.”


Our House party was held in February and as usual, it was a success.  Although all Mackaians did not fufill their duty to tbe House in its organization, the co-operation and house spirit shown by others far outweighed their failings.


There are some of us who might not have excelled in the various competitions, but their ready participation in these ventures, their regular and punctual attendance at school and their sweet and affable nature have not passed unnoticed.  Misses C. Bilbary, S. Kum Seun, B. Isahaq, J. Woo, D. Solomon, C. Jagmohan and K. Ramcharran and Messrs R. Johnson, L. Tucker, J. Benjamin and A. Bhagwandin are but a few of these and they receive my sincerest applaudations.


In closing, I must add that I have really enjoyed my term of office as House Captain and I must again thank you all for the help which you have given me.  Many off our stalwarts will be leaving, and all l can do is wish you all the best and hope that the experience which you have gained from being a member of Mackay House will benefit you in the coming years.  To those returning I will urge you to be more faithful than before, always remembering that “only the best are in Mackay House.”


Long Live Mackay House


F. J. Neblett – House Captain