Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 4:07 pm

New Amsterdam

in 1972 - 1973

Although this song was written some three or four years ago, and was dedicate to our home town, New Amsterdam, I doubt whether any of us know it, or any, little.  The majority of us, I am sure, know “Way down Demerara”, “Never Get a Girl Till You Go To McKenzie” and other songs dedicated to other places outside of our own. Why then, must we not take pride in our own?  I therefore appeal to you to get acquainted with this lovely song and to learn it, for it is our song, dedicated to our New Amsterdam, our town, our home.



There's small town, by a river

Where a ferry plies all day,

Just a small town but l love it,

For it's my town N/A.


There are plain folks on the streets there

Folks who'd nod and smile "Good Day"

Only plain folks but they're great folks,

For they're my folks in N/A


There's a white church on the main street

Where a tall spire looks down,

And an old clock, striking softly "Tick-Tock"

Drops a blessing on the town.


City friends may mock and wonder,

But for me, it's all o.k..

And that small town, is the greatest

For it's my town, N/A.


(from the 1972-73 BHS School Magazine)