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Photographic Society Report

in 1968 - 1969


President: Roy Sue-Hong
Treasurer: Gordon Latchana
Secretary: Denise Chee
Supervisor: Mr. Dennis V. Barran


The Berbice High School Photographic Society was formed on March 11, 1969, when Mr. Barran, founder of the Society, called our first meeting, during which office-bearers were elected.  The main aim of the Society is the provision of photographic equipment for students who are interested in this art.

Construction work on a darkroom in the Biology Laboratory began immediately.  An appeal was made to the student body for financial aid.  Forms were asked to hold tuck-shops and donate profits to the Society.  Unfortunately, only six forms were able to hold their tuck-shops before the terminal examinations started.  Their donations were as follows: IV A – $14.66; IV B – $4.62; IV A II – $14.00; V B – $10.00; III A II – $6.69; V B II and V C – $8.00.  Total $58.67.

The Society subsequently held a fair which netted $186.66 and the Society also solicited donations from parents, old boys and well wishers.  We are grateful to all those who have so generally offered cash donations: Mr. R. Hanoman, Dr. H. Hanoman. Mr. M. Poonai, Mrs. L. Norman, Mr. M. Persaud, Mr. F. Kum-Seun, Mr. A. Bahadur, Mr. B. Bahadur, Mr. C. Ankhu, Dr. H. Annamanthado, Mr. L. Doobay, Mr. M. C. Churaman, and Mr. N. Taharally.  We are also grateful to the following business establishments for gifts to the fair; Sue Brothers, Chu's Lunch Room, Bobby Ready's, and Prince Mongol's.

Our assets totalled $330.33 including membership fees.  Some of the money has already been spent on equipment and materials for the darkroom.  We have also purchased a Minolta Pennant – L enlarger for $246.54 from Booker Brothers, to whom we are grateful for granting a discount.  Our liabilities to date total $265.38, leaving us with an asset of $64.95. This money is being banked in the Society's name at Barclay's Bank.

It is hoped that the darkroom will be soon completed and practical work started.  The enrolment fee is now $2.00 and it is hoped a subscription fee of circa $l.00 per term will be instituted when our expenses are offset by profits from our practical work.  The exact fee will be decided by our financial members


Roy Sue-Hong