Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 2:08 pm

Poem – Would You Believe It?

in 1972 - 1973

This is my lucky day
I went into the yard to play
I heard someone say
"Please help me, I pray."


I looked up, and I looked down,
I looked all around
I looked in the sky and on the ground
I tried again to hear that sound.


Help me! Help me!
I'm stuck in a tree
Can't you see ?
Oh, please help me get free.


I sad an elf caught by his beard
He was stuck there I feared
As up into the tree 1 peered
When up onto his feet he reared.


"Don't pull so hard!'' I said,
"Or off will come your head
Then you will be quite dead
That will be something to dread"


I went inside to get the shears
When I returned, he was in tears
I'll never get down, it so appears
I'll get you down, so calm your fears.


I climbed the tree
Until I could see
The elf so wee
Then I set him free.


When I got down, I gave him my hand
So he could jump on the sand
Then l looked at him, and…..
He was a leprechaun of Ireland.


He reached onto his boot so old
Down from the top it rolled
In it was a pot of gold
This is for saving me from wonders untold


L. Applewhaite