Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 2:30 pm

Pugsley House Report

in 1972 - 1973

House Master: Mr. T. R. Ferguson
Asst. House Masters: Mr. Naipaul
Mr. Persaud
Mr. Seecharran
Mr. Harripersaud
House Mistress: Mrs. B. Headley
House Captains: Andrea Seepersaud
Richard Moriah
Athletic Captain: Janice Richmond
Volleyball Captain: R. Moriah
Football Captain: S. Johnson
Netball Captain: L. Benjamin
House Colour: Blue

Once more it is time to take stock of the House's performance during the last school near. I am especially happy to be the one to write this report, as Pugsley has had a very good year.


Under the inspiring leadership of our House Master, Mr. Naipaul and with the co-operation and keen interest of both House Masters and students, Pugsley emerged Champion House during the I 971 – 72 academic year.


The new year dawned with Mr. T. Ferguson taking over as House Master and I can only wish that he will get every bit of co-opcration during his term so as to keep the House's flag flying high.


We are sad to bid good-bye to two of our House Assistants, Mr. A. Rambali who has left for Canada to pursue higher studies and Mr. C. I. Seepersaud who is doing the same at the University of Guyana.  At the same time we bid welcome to an old face in the person of Mr. A. Persaud who has joined our ranks, and to the newcomers Mr. K. Seecharran and Mr. C. Harripersaud.


Pugsley started off the year in fine style by repeating last year's result as Champion House in Athletics.  Here I must pay tribute to all our athletes but moreso to Janice Richmond, Richard Mortals, Samuel Johnson and Lynne O'Dowd.


In the Debating Competition, Pugsley carried everything before it to emerge convincing winners. Congratulations to all members of the team!


In football, we emerged second though we did not do quite as well in volleyball and netball.  However, the great Montaigue once said “There are some defeats more triumphant than victories.”


For Mashramani, Pugsley merged with Scrimgeour, Cooper and Beharry and the party which was the aim was a huge success – every one had a grand time.  Here. I must thank all those who kindly offered their services for the preparations concerning the party.


Our performance in the volley ball and netball competitions was well below our normal standard and we were eliminated in the first round in both competitions.  Nevertheless, Pugsley is still tops and when any bouse defeats us, it's a matter of pride on their part to boast of it.


Finally, I must say that I have enjoyed every minute of being a member of Pugsley House and its captain over the past year. As I leave, I can only exhort each and every Pugsley member to always aim for the star so that Piugsley will reign supreme forever.


So long and all the best.

A. SeepersaudHouse Captain