Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 2:55 pm

Scrimgeour House Report

in 1972 - 1973

House Master: S. Sheogobind
House Assistants: Fr. Britto
Miss J. Harris
Miss N. La Bennett
House Captains: R. Narsingh
W. Henry
Athletic Captains: A. Andries
R. Walrond
House Colour: Red


This year 1972 – 73 has been a great disappointment for Scrimgeour House.  Despite the brillant work done by Mr. Sheogobind yet we broke our record and placed 4th in the Atheltic Sports.  Contributing to this strange performance was our lack of Athletes, for besides people like R. Walrond, D. Walrond and Ameerally, we lost all the others over the past couple years.  In the Inter-House games competition we experienced a stroke of good luck, for our boys walked triumphantly off the football court after defeating Bebarry. However. this luck did not last long, for despite the fact that the members displayed excellent co-operation yet we were defeated in Football, Volleyball and Netball.  Now, this does not mean that Scrimgeour has lost its appetite for victories, we are in the process of re-building our game for victories and more victories. So opponents – watch out!  Red means danger.


In the Mashramani celebrations we had a joint party with the other houses except Mackay and although it was a “bang-on” party, yet the kids could say that they had a marvellous time playing the games planned by Mr. Sleeper.  The main attraction was Fr. Britto displaying his legs in the “sexiest male” competition, which he won.


It's indeed pleasant to say that our late comers have partly recovered from their “late fever.”  We hope that in due course, they will recover fully and cease throwing away valuable House points.


I must say that being House Captain has enabled me to know the members better and to realize that they do have latent talent.  I hope that our performance this year will stimulate them to practice more and win more.


On behalf of those who will be leaving at the end of this school year, I like to wish Scrimgeour “bon-chance.”


R. NarsinghHouse Captain