Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 3:11 pm

Students’ Code

in 1966 - Golden Jubilee

  1. A student shall come to school regularly and punctually, and shall not take French leave.

  2. A student shall honour, obey and respect his or her superiors in rank, and shall not be rude to them.
  3. A student shall not exhibit any form of dishonesty.
  4. A student shall not chew his or her cud in the formroom, nor otherwise devour anything there, nor litter the campus with refuse.
  5. A student shall not speak in the formroom, nor bray, nor scream, nor whistle at anyone, nor keep any sound unless it is required of him or her, when he or she shall speak in the language deemed appropriate.
  6. A student shall not injure his or her neighbour, nor utter anything defamatory or derogatory concerning his or her neighbour, nor instigate his or her neighbour to do the like, nor in any way exacerbate animosity.
  7. A student shall not steal anything from his or her neighbour; neither his or her hat, nor his or her books, nor his or her friends.
  8. A student shall not smoke, nor drink, nor use indecent language, nor in any other way act in a manner that will cause the school to be brought into disrepute, but shall try to enhance the reputation of the school by exemplary conduct.
  9. A student shall not write or carve his or her name, nor another, nor write anything on the furniture or buildings, nor in any other way deface them.
  10. A student shall try to do his or her best at all times in all fields of endeavour, and shall try to emulate and ameliorate on the examples of those who went before him or her.


Muneshwar Singh