Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 4:10 pm

The Crazy Fourth’s Trip

in 1972 - 1973

The Fourth year students made a trip

We had to travel a part by ship.

On the trip was James called Rowe,

And A teacher named Fergo.

On the trip there was an ass

But, it never ate any grass.

Who will be staying at the zoo?

"Not me, not me" cried Neil Sue.

The bus conductor had a shape,

Anyone would have taken him for an ape.

To U. G was our first visit

Next in Parliament we did sit

"Hi ! Hello! Where's Miss Benn?"

Or as her nickname's mother hen.

Sir! Where is Gregory the fool?

Eh! I believe he's left in school.

Mark, there, is a madman

Warood's belly is like a water can.

Hi ! Kanhai Mr. Dracula,

Where's Lloyd that hairy Gorilla?

I think the next stop's St. Roses

Burger, don't forget to take those poses.

Help! Help! somebody's fall

It's Miss Low-a-chee, the good and all.

Mr. Sheogobind is running out of cash.

Because from the shop he did dash.

Hi! What's Mr. Sukhraj doing here?

I don't believe he's paid his fare.

Sorry my friends, I have to go

But I'm sorry I have to do so.

Good-bye St. Roses and Georgetown,

You'll see us agin, we'll come around.

Look out driver, you'll run us off the road.

Wait, don't tell me you hadn't any good.

Hi! Mr. Clarke you had a nice day?

Hope you enjoyed it in every way.

Now it's time to say good-bye

You might not believe, but it's not a lie.

Ask Michael Wilson he'll know

He has known me many years ago.

If I ever tell a lie,

My friends I’m surely donna die.


Edwin Thom – 4G